Don’t let the last freelancer or multiple suppliers take your job data with them in their head.

Take control of your own IP and minimise risk of litigation for copyright breach. Reduce costs spent in head hours trying to track down your project data and assets.

ICS manages talent, licensing, stock footage and copyright licenses for all platforms to consolidate assets and protect clients against copyright breach and cost overruns.

ICS a is a centralised service for clients wanting total transparency for all their licensed IP and to have senior consultants working on their behalf to negotiate and to find the best solutions for the client. We report on rollover due dates and ensure projects that are out of copyright do not run – helping you avoid costly litigation.

We also manage all your project data and enable more efficient management of your projects to keep head hours down, reduce your liabilities regardless of how many suppliers you have on board and to reduce costs due to poor asset management.

We can either take control of all of your licensing, assist you to manage your own, or work with your current supplier partners to capture all your assets and licensing obligations so they’re under the one roof.

For more information or to express interest in becoming a beta tester for our new cloud based system please contact Anne Miles on 1300 804 372 or email here.

The world’s creative services at your fingertips

Want to be part of our marketing and
creative industry directory beta testing?

Soon to be released is a new service directory to help marketing and advertising industry professional services get found. Only qualified businesses will be approved. We have a special pre-release offer to approved suppliers (for a fraction of the fees). Get in early and benefit from the lower fees and getting more attention to your business on launch. Limited offer.

If you’d like to know more please email us.