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Getting The Most Out Of Outsourcing Creative

Having outsourced for many years at all different levels of budget size – whether that is from the most high end production suppliers to an online service like 99 Designs or Elance there are some pros and cons to doing this well in my experience. Many of these talented creatives are off shore and communicate via web links, online briefing or at least email with hardly any face to face contact these days. Here are my thoughts on some pitfalls and opportunities:

Branded Entertainment Amplification Brainstorm

Branded entertainment is rarely a stand alone communication these days. Once you have chosen your lead platform for your entertainment there are endless ways to amplify what you’re doing across platforms. Here is a quick brainstorm of some ideas. Feel free to contribute your own.

Viability Checklist For Branded Entertainment

There are many people very keen to be on television and who have a romantic notion about getting a show produced, but equally there are those who are missing out on a viable means to reach a large audience in an authentic and entertaining manner. So, how do you really know if a big show or event idea is viable for you?

When To Say No To That Job

Do you take on a job that doesn’t feel right just because it is a job, do you have a policy to take any job regardless, do you have standards too high that you limit your own sustainable growth? When do you draw the line?

The 10 Most Costly Production Mistakes

Whilst I realise we all learn from our mistakes I’d like to think that we can learn more comfortably from OTHER people’s mistakes! Here are a few of the doozies that I have learned from. 

Speak So All Client Types Hear You

As you know there are all personality types and all kinds of different thinkers. I have learned about a fantastic system that allows us to engage with everyone from the CEO to the technical procurement person and I believe that it works in all communications – even our ads.

Can a ‘No Rules’ workplace assist creativity?

One of my pet subjects is process that aids creativity. Funnily enough it does often cause alarm for some creatives at first when they haven’t experienced a high functioning creative business before, where creativity and accountability are finely balanced.

SME’s Getting The Best Out Of Your Creative Suppliers To Grow Your Business

The difference between one business making it and another not is often due to the creative work that shows the world who you are. You may be totally experienced and capable at what you do but if the creative work that you put out there is not representing you as you need to be, then the other guy up the road gets the work. Sadly, these days, the best people don’t always get the job! Having the right creative for your branding, the right positioning line, the right copy is the deal maker or breaker and how ready you are to brief them is one of the most important factors affecting results.

High Performance Content From ‘Working for the Idea’

‘Working for the idea’ is my mantra. This is my core driving force in everything I do. I’m obsessed with getting the best possible value on the screen and for all wastage for all parties to be removed or put where it is best serving the idea. From my experience I can say categorically that there is an element of ‘magic’ that comes from a good process in a production that directly converts onto the screen in some tangible way.

How You Are Getting Your TV Budgets Wrong

There’s a myth that if you disclose a budget range to a supplier that you will be losing the competitiveness in the bid or you will be ripped off by a supplier. What is really happening is that you are choosing the winning supplier based on them landing on an imaginary figure you have in your mind and not because there is real value in the bid. 

Decoding Creatives and Clients

If you’re in an agency, highly creative, an innovative thinker and love change then you’re likely to have no idea how to understand your client. If you’re a client that loves a process, charts, facts and figures and love to know the exact results of your campaign ahead of time then you’re likely to have no idea how to understand your agency. Of course I’m generalising here, but the principle stands. 

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