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What Do I Get For My Branded Content Budget?

Pricing branded content is much like the old adage ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Although knowing that we’re talking about a strong and well known brand that needs to be producing content that is fitting for the business positioning and values, and congruent with the customer expectations about a leading brand, here are a few examples with price tags.

The 10 Most Costly Production Mistakes

Whilst I realise we all learn from our mistakes I’d like to think that we can learn more comfortably from OTHER people’s mistakes! Here are a few of the doozies that I have learned from. 

How You Are Getting Your TV Budgets Wrong

There’s a myth that if you disclose a budget range to a supplier that you will be losing the competitiveness in the bid or you will be ripped off by a supplier. What is really happening is that you are choosing the winning supplier based on them landing on an imaginary figure you have in your mind and not because there is real value in the bid. 

Post Industry Needs To Re-Invent

Many in the advertising industry have been under some pressure for some time and my heart is with everyone as they are feeling the pinch. The industry is filled with many talented and creative people who do great work but are being overlooked or struggling to keep consistent work in the door. It is no question that times are changing and that has caused a challenge for many. 

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