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How Marketer’s Are Getting the Wrong Creative Suppliers

The mistakes that marketer’s make in choosing suppliers is glaringly obviously to some of us in the industry, while others remain oblivious. It is only when you have a certain experience that you can see things that others can’t. It is like in the movie the Matrix, where the lead character can see the world in terms of code and yet others can’t. It is the same in creative services when choosing a film company, web designer, post production company, or creative agency. Here’s how many are doing it wrong:

Branded Entertainment Amplification Brainstorm

Branded entertainment is rarely a stand alone communication these days. Once you have chosen your lead platform for your entertainment there are endless ways to amplify what you’re doing across platforms. Here is a quick brainstorm of some ideas. Feel free to contribute your own.

Viability Checklist For Branded Entertainment

There are many people very keen to be on television and who have a romantic notion about getting a show produced, but equally there are those who are missing out on a viable means to reach a large audience in an authentic and entertaining manner. So, how do you really know if a big show or event idea is viable for you?

What Do I Get For My Branded Content Budget?

Pricing branded content is much like the old adage ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Although knowing that we’re talking about a strong and well known brand that needs to be producing content that is fitting for the business positioning and values, and congruent with the customer expectations about a leading brand, here are a few examples with price tags.

When To Say No To That Job

Do you take on a job that doesn’t feel right just because it is a job, do you have a policy to take any job regardless, do you have standards too high that you limit your own sustainable growth? When do you draw the line?

Speak So All Client Types Hear You

As you know there are all personality types and all kinds of different thinkers. I have learned about a fantastic system that allows us to engage with everyone from the CEO to the technical procurement person and I believe that it works in all communications – even our ads.

Is Your Client Tuned Out In Your Pitch

Did you know that the part of your brain that watches TV is a different part of your brain that speaks out and communicates?

If your client is facing your pitch situation as if they are in a TV watching mode then they’re going to stare blankly at you. How many times have you heard industry people say that their clients just stare at them and don’t say anything in presentations?! I’ve heard it a thousand times I’m sure. 

10 Things Clients Want From You When Pitching

If you’re a smooth-talking salesman that runs a script that you have tailored up thinking that it ‘works’ the clients every time, then this isn’t likely for you. There’s no place for that kind of thinking on this site at all and has been no part in my own success in sales. 

Proposal Checklist

I’ve just done a late night review of a client’s proposal and came up with this quick checklist to help them out. So I thought others might benefit from this too. 17 quick strategies to check to make your proposals get over the line.

These are not the only factors to consider when preparing a proposal but some major points to consider:

How Personality Type Affects Approval Processes

There are nuances to the approval process that really are all about the process but there are factors affecting approval that are personality driven. The key is in knowing the difference, knowing how to anticipate them and manage the process so as not to affect the creative output. 

Pitch the budget to win the job

It occurred to me today just how many creative businesses work on the same pattern of pitching a budget to a client and how this same pattern has a real hit and miss approach to winning the client over. Funny thing is I tend to work slightly differently and over the years I have had an incredibly high win rate.

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