Branded Entertainment Amplification Brainstorm

Branded Entertainment Amplification Brainstorm

Branded entertainment is rarely a stand alone communication these days. Once you have chosen your lead platform for your entertainment there are endless ways to amplify what you’re doing across platforms. Here is a quick brainstorm of some ideas. Feel free to contribute your own.

LEAD PLATFORM:[checklist]

  • Television
  • Digital
  • Event
  • Live Experience
  • Direct




  • Second screen – iPad/Tablet/PC
  • Supporting TVC’s
  • Supporting TVC’s with Shazzam functionality to download additional content
  • Radio or podcasts (lift the audio directly or create custom content)
  • Digital – including a website with resources, curated content, library, industry search criteria
  • Event – conferences, seminars, workshops, networking, trade shows, gala nights even
  • Live Experience
  • Apps – Mobile, Tablet and Facebook
  • Games – online, even branded offline games
  • Polls – have your audience vote for elements of the content or to determine the results or outcome of the content production
  • Mobile – mass SMS or video distribution model, codes to launch additional content eg.Shazzam, QR, PayTV inbuilt buttons
  • Outdoor – expand further with codes to launch additional content eg. QR codes or proprietary codes by publisher
  • Social Media – Facebook Page, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter posts including Vine, videos or images, link in with Klout perhaps and offer related prizes? Load images to Pinterest or Instagram.
  • Competitions/Promotions
  • EDMs to existing Lists (including a learning series or tips)
  • PR – news releases to specific trade magazines, general PR network blasts, or article based to editorial contacts
  • YouTube/Vimeo additional content (eg. making of, behind the scenes, additional scenes, outtakes, follow up stories)
  • On Pack
  • In Store/Dealers
  • Sales Activity
  • Branded Promotional merchandise
  • Regular blog content of behind the scenes, latest news, follow up stories, build anticipation and participation
  • White Papers or eBooks
  • Articles on related content – new or curated, case studies, stories around customers or clients (testimonials)
  • Webinar or Conference Call
  • Build a community site with Ning
  • Publish an e-magazine or book specific to the niche or topic
  • Hold a speaker series or speaking engagement (there are many formats including a forum of industry experts, judging panel, Q&A)
  • Create a mastermind group – learning group, workshop series for the elite members of your network or database
  • Rated Content – curated content but rated by industry experts to be of value to others who want to hear your opinion
  • Brochure or catalog – make available as a download or mailed to your customers
  • Flyers
  • Posters and in-store POS

Don’t forget to aim to have all your activity lead back to your own website and capture leads if you can!




  • Broadcast Network distribution
  • Mobile Mass Broadcast
  • Web Distribution and tracking
  • Social Media Uploads or Member activity
  • YouTube, Vimeo or other video distribution networks
  • Radio transmissions
  • iTunes publishing
  • Existing list as EDMs, VDMs or DM


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