The world’s creative services at your fingertips – BETA RELEASE SPECIAL OFFER

$100 to market your business for a year

An exclusive pre-release offer to be part of a new kind of creative services directory.

Only a few select businesses are invited to help beta test the system and to fine tune the minimum working product before the official release in February 2017. You are offered this at a fraction of the future release price. This is available by invitation only, and only in Australia. Click the button below to secure your place.

  • Let International Creative Services bring the clients to you
  • We do the marketing and the leg work
  • Better search functionality to better screen industry suppliers
  • Profiles of suppliers pre-approved by industry professionals
  • Only suppliers that are good enough for professional brands will be allowed
  • The most comprehensive profile visually displaying your portfolio
  • List your skill-set in full
  • Detail your experience and testimonials
  • Give clients a feel for the culture of your business
  • Transparency of ownership
  • Ability to dob in a portfolio that is not genuine or has incorrect credits

BONUS: You also get business development tips from some of the industry’s best business and creativity coaches – that alone is worth the fee!

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Click the button below to pay by credit card or PayPal.

The big goal is to become the go-to directory for advertising and marketing creative services, internationally. It will be restricted to businesses that are of a standard suitable for credible big brands, with all listings qualified by industry professionals. There will be no online project management system because the ‘grown ups’ in our industry want to run their own process like they usually do. We think those online platforms are for small business and mostly are not designed for the professionals in the industry. Professionals just want better access to the best suppliers and a better way to evaluate them. Industry suppliers want the right ones being found for the right jobs, in a fair way and without the hard slog to get there.Founder Anne Miles, has worked in the industry for decades and knows that having a better directory of services helps the best suppliers get found. This means the best results for the job. No more mates getting hooked up, no more back door deals, no more hidden commissions, no more lazy choices.

Anne is trained in marketing, worked on the client side, worked in research, been head of broadcast in multi-national agencies, owned a film company, worked in post production and visual effects. She knows good creative services across all facets of the industry, and will ensure only the best are made available through this system.

Let ICS market for you with our extensive database of over 10,000 industry contacts. Anne Miles is classified as one of the top 20% of social media users. With over 4,000 Twitter followers (without even trying yet!), and in the top 10 most viewed profiles on LinkedIn, and has the connections and skills to market for you.

This personal offer is only available for a short time as a pre-release deal, only to select businesses and only for a short time pre-release.

For $100 +GST you get 12 months marketing through our platform. This is a fraction of the cost for the final launch March 2017. Get in early to secure this price and to be one of the few to get noticed in the first pre-release stage. There is no better time to be on board.

Think about what you can get for $100 these days. One hour of a marketing consultant’s time? A few drinks with a prospect? A cheap lunch?

We guarantee that you couldn’t get a better offer to market your business in this industry right now. You are only being offered this because you are a friend we care about, and we need the feedback to get the site working as best it can be before international release.

Click the button below to pay for your special pre-release offer. We will then send you a link to provide details for your profile including links to portfolio images and videos.

This really is only available for a short time on a first come first serve basis, as this fee only really covers the data costs and to finalise the tech support.  You are helping refine the system before the full roll out too – we need your feedback. Pre-release of the minimum viable product will be in February before the main launch in March – so get the jump on the others.

  • Full profile listing available
  • Profiles subject to approval
  • Limited listings available
  • Offer only available to select suppliers
  • Fee payable in advance
  • Profile will be made public within 4 weeks of fee payment
  • Available for Australian suppliers only
  • This is a pre-release beta test site and will have various system upgrades during the year
P.S. I hear that there is a known issue with PayPal and Google which means this link breaks from time to time! Go figure… If you get stuck, try this link here (cut and paste):

We will be in touch to start your profile over the next few weeks before release.

P.P.S. If you can’t use PayPal or credit card please contact Anne Miles here to arrange an invoice.


The world’s creative services at your fingertips

Want to be part of our marketing and
creative industry directory beta testing?

Soon to be released is a new service directory to help marketing and advertising industry professional services get found. Only qualified businesses will be approved. We have a special pre-release offer to approved suppliers (for a fraction of the fees). Get in early and benefit from the lower fees and getting more attention to your business on launch. Limited offer.

If you’d like to know more please email us.