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Are You Creatively Empowering or Disempowering?

Even the nicest people can be unwittingly disempowering others around them simply by being unclear of how their behaviour and decisions either empower and disempower others. Here are 30 specific ideas to consider:

Positive Thinking Fails Creative Success

It is becoming more and more accepted that the placebo effect is scientifically supported and yet there is recent evidence that the power of positive thinking is actually reducing the likelihood of succeeding. So how can the fundamental driver that makes placebo’s work, miss the mark when it matters to our businesses in an industry under pressure? 

SME’s Getting The Best Out Of Your Creative Suppliers To Grow Your Business

The difference between one business making it and another not is often due to the creative work that shows the world who you are. You may be totally experienced and capable at what you do but if the creative work that you put out there is not representing you as you need to be, then the other guy up the road gets the work. Sadly, these days, the best people don’t always get the job! Having the right creative for your branding, the right positioning line, the right copy is the deal maker or breaker and how ready you are to brief them is one of the most important factors affecting results.

The world’s creative services at your fingertips

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