Start with us and we’ll find the right strategy, suppliers and solutions for you.

We are independent – we work for you with no hidden commissions or affiliations. We procure, negotiate and project manage projects for the advertising and marketing industry from market research, strategy, creative, production, media and distribution.

Most of all – we work on YOUR behalf, to watch your back. We ensure your strategy is delivered, run with best practice and ensure solutions are the best value.

We’re flexible – we work with you or your existing partners, help you do the work yourself, or we can do it all for you.


We are end to end consultants across all disciplines in the marketing industry. We work objectively to ensure you have the right creative and channel strategy in place. We are here to strengthen your relationships with your partners and not to undermine them.

We use analytical thinking and the experience of some of the most well respected creative strategists. Our process includes review of channel performance data, creative content audit, customer feedback and stakeholder & partner interviews. We are an objective voice who can pinpoint where the opportunities lie – with actionable strategies and insights without a vested interest in any solution.

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If you want to keep track of all your licensing, talent and IP including your job data in one place, we manage it all for you. No longer worry about losing track of your responsibilities if you move agencies. Consolidate your royalties and rights all in the one place with independent management.

Avoid being vulnerable to very expensive copyright and license breaches.

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If you need project management for television commercials, websites, radio ads, print, outdoor or even the media bought for you; ICS has experienced consultants, auditors and project managers to help you.  Contact us now to see what how we could work for you.

We find the best team for you with complete objectivity. We can procure and project manage the whole project for you across all media channels, we can provide quoting and supplier recommendations, or we can show you how to do the work yourself.

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We help you deliver the best results for your marketing & advertising projects. Make better use of your internal resources, help you do more in-house, or simply assist you in overload.

We’re a new kind of consultancy to get all your marketing comms working as effectively as possible, with objectivity and NO vested interest in supplier selection.  We watch your back. We consult with you on how to meet the strategic objectives and make sure the creative and production process supports you and delivers on strategy. We source competitive quotes for your projects and our experienced team make sure you get the best value, solve your real business objectives and tailor solutions to your brief. We’re often called in for the more challenging projects or production issues.

We offer marketing strategy, creative strategy, production support across platforms, and media consulting. We value consumer psychology and data insights.

We support you with executions that deliver strategically both in terms of hitting target market needs but also with content strategy in mind. We know great creative is the most effective, so don’t be mistaken by our grown up approach to results and efficiencies. We’re excited by cutting edge ways to bridge the gap between strategy and creative execution. #strategicproduction

No challenge too great and no creative objective we can’t meet. We have an infrastructure that keeps everyone honest, and we can access the best talent – all matched with objectivity to your business needs. We won’t shoe-horn the wrong solution for you.

To chat through a brief or to see how we can work with you please call Anne Miles on 1300 804 372 or email today.


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