The world’s creative and marketing suppliers at your fingertips. We match you with the right industry suppliers and are here to offer coaching and advice to navigate through your marketing and creative projects.

We are independent. We work for you, with no hidden commissions or affiliations.  We help you procure, negotiate and project manage projects for the advertising and marketing industry end to end.

We specialise in skills development and offer an objective sounding board for individuals and businesses of all kinds on creative services, advertising and marketing (end to end).


Looking for industry suppliers but not sure who to trust? International Creative Services offers a FREE supplier referral service. With access to over 10,000 industry suppliers and over 30 years diverse experience you can be sure you’ll find your perfect match. Contact us and we will match you with the right suppliers just for you.

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Stay tuned for our new supplier directory to help you find quality, pre-qualified suppliers suitable for big and small brands. Creative services in all areas of marketing and advertising that would like to be involved in our beta test release, see more List your business now.


We are end to end consultants across all disciplines in the marketing industry. We work objectively to help you have the right marketing, creative and channel strategy in place. We’re totally independent and with no vested interest in any solutions. We are most relevant if you don’t know where to start, and don’t know who to trust, or just want a quick second opinion before committing to some large marketing expenses.

Because of our fire-power and independence we’re the ones that the creative industry calls, on as well as brands directly. We are an objective voice who can pinpoint where the opportunities lie – with actionable strategies and insights without a vested interest in any solution. We work on large or small projects, by the project or by the hour. We help your business as well as the individuals’ performance.

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If you need project management for television commercials, websites, radio ads, print, outdoor or even the media bought for you; ICS has experienced consultants, auditors and project managers to help you.  Contact us now to see what how we could work for you, or with your existing creative and media partners.

We can procure and project manage the whole project for you across all media channels, provide quoting and supplier recommendations, or we can show you how to do the work yourself. You may just require a specialist to give you some objective advice before committing to some big budgets.

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We are the trusted, independent bridge between businesses and all marketing & advertising industry suppliers end to end.

We coach you to deliver the best results for your marketing & advertising projects, to ensure genuine integration, and to ensure you have the right team on board – all with total independence and with no vested interest in any recommendations. Whether you are a big brand or even a small creative brand we are here to support you.

Our team of consultants consists of industry greats in all the major disciplines from research, strategic planning, creative strategy, digital tech and digital media strategy, media planning/buying, customer net promoter scoring, and production (print/digital/broadcast/experiential).

Our consultants have established industry benchmarking, but more importantly are there to focus on optimising performance and giving you actionable plans to improve your marketing performance. You have an independent review of what is working well, and where optimisation can improve performance and efficiencies.

We train and coach industry professionals to get the best out of their marketing and creative projects, including getting the most out of their people.

There is no one quite like us.

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The world’s creative services at your fingertips

Want to be part of our marketing and
creative industry directory beta testing?

Soon to be released is a new service directory to help marketing and advertising industry professional services get found. Only qualified businesses will be approved. We have a special pre-release offer to approved suppliers (for a fraction of the fees). Get in early and benefit from the lower fees and getting more attention to your business on launch. Limited offer.

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